Her holiness Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Kaur Ji is now spiritual head of the Sant Nirankari Mission. She is the wife of Late Baba Hardev Singh Ji, who was an Indian spiritual Guru, who died on 13th May, 2016 in a car accident in Montreal, Canada. Mata Savinder Kaur Ji In her late fifties (who is fondly called by follower 'Mata Ji'), is the first woman spiritual head and the fifth in line to the sect that was founded in 1929 and has over 10 million followers today. An alumnus of Convent of Jesus and Mary School Mussoorie, Mata Savinder Kaur Ji is originally from Farooqabad in Uttar Pradesh. She married Hardev Singh Ji in 1975 and since then had been accompanying her husband to every congregation home, getting equal respect and love from their followers.




Sehajdhari Sikh Party (which is a Political Party in Punjab, Regd. by Election Commission of India) represents the Sehajdhari Sikhs of all over the world. Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu is the National President of the Sehajdhari Sikh Party. He is also the Member of Punjab Homoeopathy Council, Ex-Member: Central Council of Homoeopathy (Govt. of India), Ex-Chairman: Punjab Homoeopathy Council, Ex- Member: Faculty of Homoeopathy BFUHS Faridkot, Ex-Member: Election Tribunal CHSM- Elections (Govt. of Punjab), Ex-Technical Expert: HMO Selection Committee Punjab University Chandigarh.



Sri Guru Ravidas ji Maharaj was born in 1376/77 or else 1399 CE but many scholars offer later dates. Begumpura ("A Land without Sorrow") is a term coined in a poem by Sri Guru Ravidass Ji. Begampura is the name of an idealised city where there is no suffering or fear, and all are equal. Know about UNITED RAVIDASIAS


Bhagwan Sri Valmiki ji is celebrated as the harbinger-poet in Sanskrit literature. He is the author of the epic Ramayana. He is revered as the Adi Kavi, which translates to First Poet, for he invented sloka (i.e. first verse or epic metre), which set the base and defined the form to Sanskrit poetry. Know about VALMIKI FOUNDATION


Lord Mahavira Jain (599 BC–527 BC, also known as Vardhamana, was the 24th and last Tirthankara of Jainism. He was born into a royal family in what is now Bihar, India. At the age of 30 he left his home in pursuit of spiritual Awakening i.e. Diksha. For the next twelve and a half years he practiced intense meditation and severe penance, after which he achieved Kevala Jnana or enlightenment. He travelled all over Bharata (which was larger than today's India) for the next thirty years to teach his philosophy which is based on Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha. Mahavira attained nirvana at the age of 72. Know More about Jain World.


Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni or simply the Buddha, was a sage on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. He is believed to have lived and taught mostly in eastern India sometime between the sixth and fourth centuries BC. The word Buddha means "awakened one" or "the enlightened one". "Buddha" is also used as a title for the first awakened being in an era. In most Buddhist traditions, Siddhartha Gautama is regarded as the Supreme Buddha (Pali sammasambuddha, Sanskrit samyaksa Buddha) of our age. Gautama taught a Middle Way between sensual indulgence and the severe asceticism found in the Sramana (renunciation) movement[5] common in his region. He later taught throughout regions of eastern India such as Magadha and Kosala. Know More about Buddha Religion & its Teachings


Judaism is a monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text (part of the larger text known as the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible), and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship that God established with the Children of Israel. Judaism includes a wide corpus of texts, practices, theological positions, and forms of organization. Within Judaism there are a variety of movements, most of which emerged from Rabbinic Judaism, which holds that God revealed his laws and commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai in the form of both the Written and Oral Torah. Historically, this assertion was challenged by various groups such as the Sadducees and Hellenistic Judaism during the Second Temple period; the Karaites and Sabbateans during the early and later medieval period; and among segments of the modern reform movements. Liberal movements in modern times such as Humanistic Judaism may be nontheistic. Today, the largest Jewish religious movements are Orthodox Judaism (Haredi Judaism and Modern Orthodox Judaism), Conservative Judaism and Reform Judaism. Know More about Judaism.


Dera Sacha Sauda is a non-profit Social Welfare and Spiritual Organization, established in 1948, by the ascetic Mastana Balochistani, as a centre for spiritual learning. Its main centre is situated in Sirsa, Haryana, in the northern region of India. Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan is its present head. Dera Sacha Sauda was established by Shah Mastana from Baluchistan, in 1948. He was popularly known among his devotees as His Holiness Beparawah Mastana Ji Maharaj. The organisation was laid just a year after the country saw Independence and there was a renewed sense of freedom, awakening and awareness among the people of India. Dera Sacha Sauda and its founder Shah Mastana's endeavour was to bring a spiritual awakening among the masses and to uplift humanity, in order to create a better world. Maharaj Ji hailed from Balochistan, part of present-day Pakistan. With devotion and hard work, Maharaj Ji transmuted the barren land of Sirsa into a spiritual garden and imparted the glorious method of meditation to his followers. The slogan"Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra," which Dera’s devotees chant at the Ashram, elucidates the kindness of God Almighty as our saviour. Guruji preached about following the path of truth, humanity, and hard work. In 1960, the reins of Dera were handed over to his spiritual successor, Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Mastana Ji Maharaj merged with the divine light on 18 April 1960. Know More about Dera Sacha Sauda. Dera Sacha Sauda publishes also its Newspaper viz. SACH KAHOON in Punjabi & Hindi Languages.

Sant Baba Mann Singh Ji Pehowa (Kurukshetra, Haryana-India) Wale: "A saint remembers God and helps others remember Him also" With the ultimate Kirpa of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and enlightenment of Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj Rara Sahib Wale, following the above principle Baba Ji, has devoted himself to worship, motivating the entire world to be 'Gur-Sikhs' and to follow the path, shown by the Sikh Gurus. Baba Ji has visited many countries all over the world, including - India (Throughout the entire country), - America (New York, California, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indiana, Los Angeles, San Francisco), - Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal), - United Kingdom (England, Scotland), - Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Riverland), - France (Paris, Calais), - Belgium (Brussels,), - Italy (Milan) - Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin), - Holland (Amsterdam), - Austria, - Dubai - Kenya (Nairobi). With Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Kirpa the amazing result of Baba Ji s International tours is that Baba Ji via parchar for Sikhi has encouraged 2 million people to take Amrit and join the Khalsa Panth of Guru Ji. Know More About Sant Baba Mann Singh Ji Pehowa Wale.

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