Waiting for Freedom: Christian Couple Held in Qatar

An American Christian couple is waiting to learn when they will be able to leave Qatar, after charges against them over the death of their 8-year old daughter were dropped Sunday.

Matthew and Grace Huang had their passports confiscated and were banned from leaving the Middle Eastern country just hours after they were told they were free to go.

The Huang's adopted daughter, Gloria, died in March. The couple said the child would go through periods of time when she refused to eat.

They spoke to CBN News before they went to court about the case and their daughters death. Watch that interview here.

"Gloria was adopted from a difficult impoverished background, she was neglected abused as a child." Grace Huang told CBN News. "That is quite common for children adopted out of who have experienced hunger and malnutrition to experience difficulties."

A representative for the American couple is blasting the continued travel ban against them, calling it "institutional kidnapping."

Eric Volz told The Associated Press that the Huangs hoped to leave the country but have been told by the U.S. government that a number of procedural steps must still be completed before they can depart.

Western-style adoptions and cross-cultural families are relatively rare in Qatar. The Huangs say the cultural misunderstanding likely contirbuted to the murder charge.

There is no word on when the couple will be able to leave the country.

The Huangs were met at the airport by U.S. Ambassador Dana Shell Smith, reflecting the intensity of American government interest in the case. [CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK]