Stephen Gill Wishes a Merry X-mas & Happy New Year

I wish my friends my best wishes for the New Year, although it is not easy to celebrate the emergence of 2015 in the true spirit of peace because of the obvious clash of two cultures. It is a time to reflect for a meaningful dawn to save the citizens of the global village from further torture in the name of God who is the embodiment of peace. Peace through peaceful means is the way to produce a symphony of human hearts and the way to survive and prosper in the complex world of today.

- Stephen Gill


I see her resurrecting in Christmas trees

mistletoe and Santa Claus.

I see her appearing

within the decoration in churches

homes and offices

in parties, family reunions

and drinks.

I see her

in the festive rush that is tiring

and cards

which people have no time to send

but they do.

I see her

in the sounds of the Joy

to the World

and Jingle Bells

cranked out of loudspeakers

in malls and street corners.

She is missing

from the victims of wars

which seem to be routine fate

of humankind.

She is missing from young lives

who have lost parents

to the famished beasts of fanatics.

She is missing

from the sufferers of physical

and psychological abuse.

She is missing

from the lives deprived of basic food,

clean water and warm clothing.

She is missing

from homes fallen to warfare

and children who are innocent bait

for Aids and cancer.



What then

if it is a New Year

This day is the same

as any other day of last week

even last year.

The wilful ghosts of sorrow

have not dissolved

nor have the fogs of ignorance

which float over the cold tombs.


they have grown in strength

in the gloom of violence.

If nights were replaced by days

just by thinking,

the corners of darkness

would have been lit by now.

Eaters of stale crumbs

in the mornings

should have been welcomed

by the appetizing smells

of fresh and warm foods.

The hours of suffering

would have been reduced,

joys lasted longer

and lives changed.

When this sun does not surge

it does not matter

what year or date it is

Just by the murmurs of the clock

history does not alter,

life will not wear

another mantle;

only calendars become new.

Some cards are traded

feasts are arranged.

This is not a change.

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