This incident demonstrates how some diaspora behave in weird ways, and provide enough material to open the eyes of the concerned citizens for peace

Cornwall (Ontario, Canada): Dr. Stephen Gill, internationally respected poet and novelist who has been honored with awards and is known for his writing on peace says, he is still under shock because he was abruptly stopped by the pharmacist of Shoppers Drug Mart on Brookdale Ave in Cornwall to empty his front pocket in front of the employees and one or two customers.

A self-exiled writer from Indo/Pak region, Stephen Gill has been in Canada for around fifty years. This incident happened only once, on June 22nd around 5 pm, when he went to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of ear drops to ease his itching. He asked an assistant for help who asked the pharmacist. After inspecting different bottles, the pharmacist, seemingly either in a desperate hurry or nervous, suggested one. Because it was not what he wanted, Stephen Gill put the bottle back on the shelf. As the pharmacist left, Stephen Gill changed his mind and picked the same bottle. After opening it to be certain it had a dropper, he began to proceed towards the cashier to pay. This was the time when the pharmacist, who appeared to be from Indo/Pak region, returned and took the bottle from him.

Questioning and giving the bottle back, the pharmacist further questioned the contents of his front pocket. Stephen Gill says he was shocked and felt like phoning police after refusing to empty his pocket. Though confused and shocked with the behavior, he emptied his pocket without the least hesitation, showing there was nothing, except his reading glasses.

The pharmacist left without even offering an apology for his rudeness and reasons for his questions. Stephen Gill says this happened during the day in a busy area in his hometown where he taught, worked as the president of an incorporated publishing house for more than fifteen years and promoted Canadian letters, where he offered his services to the public by contesting two, though unsuccessful, elections to win a seat on the council to promote literary activities, where he volunteered his time for years in different capacities to promote local authors, where he got married and his wife taught for twenty-five years at St. Lawrence College producing nurses for Canada, where his children received education and married non-ethnic Canadians, and where his children’s children were born and now receive their education.

Cornwall is the town where even his children and their spouses volunteer in different organizations. The population of his hometown, a peaceful city, remains the same, around sixty five thousand, that was decades ago, though it has modern health facilities and good shopping centres which attract people from surrounding areas. This is the town where Stephen Gill embraced the human values of Canada’s founding fathers. Stephen Gill, known for his passion for writing for peace says that he is still under shock because he was abruptly stopped by the pharmacist of Shoppers Drug Mart on Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall, Ontario. The unabashed courage of an ethnic pharmacist does not represent the vision of Canada’s founding fathers. Stephen Gill believes that such ugly incidents will contaminate the peace of his hometown as it has shaken the peace of his own, mainly because it violates his rights and injures his Self. He adds he is deeply injured because this action of aversion and ugliness took place in a country where he was born spiritually and it is the spirit that matters because if spirit goes out of the body there is nothing left.

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