[Amritsar, 1st Jan, 2015: GS Paul, Tribune News Service]

The reality of so called ‘Awakening Platform’ (Jagran Manch), RSS & Other Fanatic Organizations has been exposed (in Indian Punjab). Actually, all these organizations are only trying to malign the Communal Harmony of our Great India. They falsely call themselves as ‘the only GUARDS’ of our beloved country, whereas every citizen, other than them, wants unity amongst all the citizens; only they don’t. Their claims are absolutely a bundle of lies that any religion is in danger in India. Nothing is going here in the name of conversions. Actually such “anti-social” elements are amassing millions (Cores) of Rupees in the guise of such slogans. Here, The Christian Fort wants to announce that if any Christian Priest, whosoever is doing conversions forcedly, we ourselves will get arrested them. Actually, none is converting any person to Christianity. If anyone is converting his religion with his/her own wish, no one can obstruct him/her, he may adopt any religion. Sri Akal Takhat Sahib has righteously admonish those elements. S. Parkash Singh Badal, the Chief Minister of the Punjab (India) has also played a very significant and positive role in this context. Only ‘The Tribune’ has published the following News as no other Newspaper or TV/Radio Channel dared to publish/broadcast/telecast it.. The Christian Fort is sharing it. There must not be any fear in the India Media. Now, Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India should also interfere and stop those elements.

A day after the Dharam Jagaran Manch, an RSS outfit, held “ghar wapsi” to bring 23 Christian families back into the Sikh fold, one of them told The Tribune that they had been kept in the dark and did not want to change their religion.

Another family said they had attended the function as they had been practising Sikh rituals for several years, but did not want to be converted.

But Dinesh Sharma, state project in charge of the Dharam Jagaran Manch that had organised the programme at Shaheed Baba Jiwan Singh Gurdwara at Guru-ki-Wadali yesterday, claimed that the families were under pressure.

“All those who attended the programme had submitted affidavits, stating their consent. It is wrong to say that they were forced or allured into re-conversion. They must be under pressure by Christian leaders”, he said.

Raj Kumar, project convener, said: “I was a priest in a church for two decades. Me and my family voluntarily returned to our parent religion at a programme at Chheharta sometime ago. The programme was attended by SGPC members too.”

Gora Masih and his family members claimed that politicians had made them a scapegoat and that their forefathers were Christians.

During the ‘ghar wapsi” yesterday, Gora was presented with a siropa (robe of honour) at the gurdwara.

A waiter service contractor, he said he felt deceived. “I withdraw my earlier statement to the media yesterday that I have adopted Sikhism. I could not gauge the seriousness of the issue and got nervous when faced with a barrage of questions by mediapersons. I have respect for all religions and have not refrained from visiting temples. That’s why I attended the programme,” he explained. His wife Sophia said they belonged to the Christian community and had simply accompanied their neighbours to the gurdwara.

“We had no intention to be part of the conversion ceremony. Had there been a programme like ‘amrit sanchar’, we would have known what to expect,” she explained. Gora’s mother Bachno said her husband’s name was Abdul Masih and they had followed Christianity for decades.

Preeto, a mother of two, said they were originally Sikhs. But her father-in-law Gurbhej Singh fell ill and someone told them that he could be cured if they attended the Church regularly. “We did as told but my father-in-law died a few years ago. Since then, we have been following the Sikh religion,” she said.

Her mother-in-law Kashmiro showed photographs of the Sikh Gurus displayed in her room. She said the family recited Gurbani and went to the gurdwara regularly.

Another resident Rajinder Singh said he had adopted Christianity two years ago.

“But I did not change my name. I belong to a Backward Caste and have enjoyed the benefits of reservation. I willingly attended the ‘ghar wapsi’ programme yesterday,” he said. Gurmeet Kaur said they belonged to poor Sikh family and had never adopted Christianity, but had attended the programme yesterday.

PHOTO CAPTION: Gora Masih (centre) with his wife Sophia and brothers at their house in Guru-ki-Wadali village. Tribune photos: Vishal Kumar