In Indian culture after few months of marriage, the birth of child takes priority over all other needs of a family as it is the most important concept for the growth of a family. If a couple conceives under normal circumstances and gives birth to a healthy child, whether a girl or a boy, then all are happy.

But if a couple does not get conception inspite of all the efforts and then come the need for medical advice and also the elders of the family go to astrologers to seek their consultation regarding progeny or conception.

And the most beautiful part of astrology and Vastu comes into play. Yes, this is true that our great sages have given much information on almost every sphere of life.

This however is a very exhaustive subject but I would try to give a link of planets & houses involved in this concept of progeny.

Planets involved:      

Sun:     Power to impregnate 

Moon: Child bearing capacity

Mars:  Blood

Jupiter:            Karka for children

Venus: Semen

Houses involved:      

5th house:        If 5th house, its lord and Jupiter are strong and unassociated with the lords of 6th,

                        8th and 12th houses, then the happiness of and from children are predicted.

There is another important factor called Beeja sphuta and Kshetra sphuta to be seen in Lagna chart and Navamsha chart as well.

Beeja sphuta is seen for the fertility of semen in males and Kshetra sphuta for the fertility in women. These are excellent indicators of the strength of fertility in a couple which our medical science does with expensive tests.

Apart from the astrological point of view, I must put forth some general tips for the natural and proper growth of Semen in both men and women, in men semen is released as semen and in women it gets converted into ovum. So the strength of semen at the first look is of much importance.

Some of the precautionary measures which otherwise can disturb semen growth are as follows.

1       Avoid too much intake of alcohol, too much of smoking and drugs.

2       Avoid canned food, spicy and hot food, fast food etc.

3       Avoid wearing tight clothing and sitting for long duration as it restricts the energy flow and the cooling effect required to be given for the growth of semen.

4       Eat only healthy and organic food.

5       Avoid any type of emotional and physical stress during conception.

Yoga and meditation should be involved in daily routine for the growth of semen for healthy, bright and intelligent child irrespective of male or female child.

The use of turmeric in food is a very economical way to improve your hormonal balance as this spice is represented by planet Jupiter.


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