It is quite shocking to know that many people in India, of India feel ashamed to believe in Astrology, Vastu and other occult sciences, which have their origin in India for thousands of years in terms of Vedic Astrology. The reason is simple that the modern pseudo scientists have not put a mark of their approval favouring astrology. I wonder why people need the approval of such people who do not know even the small “a” of astrology. These scientists are biased about astrology and its working because they have not learnt it. Now the question arises that if they have not learnt it deeply and done any researches then on what bases can they become authority over astrology and raise question mark over its results.


If we do survey over the scientific researches being done by various countries, I am sure that we will certainly be able to find that after so many years of researches and spending millions of dollars, some of the projects lay in a dormant state or had been closed without any outcome. Whereas many learned astrologers do the research on astrological uses on their own and collect data spending their own money & time for years for the benefit of everyone like the science does the same for benefit of people but with the aid of governing agencies. No government has so far given any aid to astrological researches and included it as a subject in schools, colleges and universities, the reason is well known as discussed above, but the people controlling the government do consult the astrologers to make use of it in framing their career and so many other curiosities. Thus, so many people using astrology & vastu are not fools but intelligent people.


We all know that science has done many inventions for the benefit of all but don’t forget that it has also invented instruments of mass destruction under the pretext of providing safety to the inhabitants of earth, may I ask, from whom and why. Why can’t everyone live in their native place or even in each other’s country peacefully as brethren without harming each other and the nature? I am not against the beauty of science but the persons who tend to reject the other sciences like astrology & vastu, which are purely harmless for the mankind & environment.


Here lies the difference between astrology & modern science. Let’s take a tour in astrological world. Astrology does not at all affect the environment; rather it promotes the healthy environment by doing different remedial measures like planting and watering trees, feeding birds, ants, animals & aquatic animals and moreover help the poor, blind or disabled by donating them food, clothes etc. without charging anything from them. Above all astrology prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, non-veg etc. as a remedial measure to the believers of astrology to create positivity in thoughts and that too without any side effects. This now is being practiced by many countries to save the environment.


The fact is that almost all the people do believe in astrology and vastu science actually or apparently but lack courage to admit about their belief, due to the reason that they think that they are quite learned and what would others say about their being primitive by acknowledging astrology & vastu and they would be made fun of at every now and then in higher societies.


Actually, people are not aware of the fact that astrology is not only science based but also above science as it is spiritual as well. For getting this awareness they would have to learn it first, go to its roots and then say anything about it. Of course there will always be difference of opinions among the learned ones as once before Galileo every scientist had accepted that the Sun rotates around the earth but after using the telescope made by him, all these started believing that it is the earth that rotates around the Sun. The great scientists like Newton, Galileo and Kepler are well known scientists known for their work in astrology as they were aware of the deep principles of astrology. I hope one day, these modern scientists will also start believing the concept of astrology & vastu.


Modern astronomers make use of rotation of planets in Zodiac to understand various unknown facts about the nature and on human beings. Astrology has been also making use of the planetary motions for thousands of years as per the Vedic literature available and that too for the betterment of all the habitats of the planet earth. Now these astronomers and astronomy is being called science and at the same time Astrology is not being given this status. Anyhow, astrology does not need anybody’s approval. Since time immemorial the number of users of astrology & vastu has increased mani-fold including many learned & scientists as well. In my practice and teaching I have come across many learned people and scientists who have become strong believers after understanding this science properly and pay due regards to this super science. This is for the information of the so called scientists.


Many people think that Astrology is a sort of magic and is capable of doing anything by performing some remedies prescribed by an astrologer and when they don’t achieve the desired results as per their expectation, they tend to disgrace it. I believe that they are right when they do such things, as it is not the people who disgrace Astrology but a few quacks who make people believe that astrology can fulfill all their desires.


At the same time some people who visit a quack turned an astrologer and want him to get the impossible done using remedies and instigate him so forcefully that he is left with no choice but to give remedies as per their wish. This way certain people also forcefully distort the astrology and the astrologer as well and thus the quacks start using these types of unethical ways to cheat innocent people with pure faith in astrology and give bad name to the pure and sacred science of astrology.


Here, I must also say that I have seen people switching over from one astrologer to another for seeking something which they are not destined to get as per their karmas and as per calculations made by an ethical astrologer but they very strongly need their desires to be fulfilled from one or the other astrologer and finally they fall pray to quacks, who have actually disgraced astrology since time immemorial. So, it is for the people to choose between an ethical and unethical astrologer.


This way like other trades this super science also gets a bad name. Thus astrology in itself is pure but is getting disgraced due to the weak minded people and the quacks. I must say that astrology cannot be wrong but the calculations made by astrologers and their way of interpretation can be wrong. The great sage Parashara in his work known as “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra” says that only the creator Lord Brahma can predict exact future.


So astrology has never mentioned that it can change destiny but only the free will area can be altered to a certain extent using different remedies as is done to by medical practitioners all over the world. If you get a certain disease you go to a doctor to get relief and do not wait for the disease to get healed by itself or do not wait as if it was your destiny and has come to take your toll. You try to fight until death, which is our karma to do efforts. It means that the medical help has been included as a remedy to save you if you are destined to live other moment. Then it is a fact that the remedial measures used by you astrologically are also included in your destiny and you are just performing your karmas. So where is the fault using astrology and vastu, if everything is happening as per our karmas and destiny? Think.



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