These predictions are based on your Ascendant & Moon sign as Ascendant, as per Indian Vedic Astrology & these are general predictions based on transits of planets and not meant for an individual. Astrologer is not responsible for any decision of any individual based on these rashi phals.

08/12/2014 to 14/12/2014





You may get opportunity to improve upon your earnings or change in profession. You may feel comfortable with your co-borns. You may have to be concerned about your health and how to improve it. Your house peace may get disturbed. Enemies will take a back turn.




There are feelings in your inner self to take care of your family and an urge to do better for your family or spouse. You may be worried about the health of your progeny. You may feel duality in your decisions. There may be loss of name and fame.




You may have visitors in your house to give you a good company or a celebration in house. You will recover from illness or you may win over your enemies. Worries about your finances and profession. Happiness from your spouse.



You may have a fear from bad health but will recover very soon. Worry about your progeny. Defamation cannot be ruled out. Worried house peace. A visit to foreign land is also possible. There may be improvement in your daily source of income.




You may have a re-union with your family after a long time. There may be unwanted expenses. You will have chances to win over your enemies. There will be refinement in thinking about your spouse and progeny. If unmarried, chances to get married.




You may hear about your some new and better opportunity to improve your finances and name and fame. You may be away from your spouse. If there are any differences with your co-borns, then this is the right time to improve it. There will be improvement in health of progeny.




You will think of reviving your relationship with your elders as this is the best time to do it. You may have the opportunity to go to foreign land. Relations with younger co-borns will improve. Your married life will be better.




You will have a boost in your self confidence to do much better in your life which was lacking earlier. There will be lot of energy to win the world but donít forget to be concerned about your health. You may be worried about your progeny.



You may get opportunity to visit foreign country. Your conjugal relations with your spouse will improve after a mutual understanding. Take care of your health and avoid rash driving. Take care of your co-borns as well. Be cautious while taking decisions for your business.





The energy in you will give you benefits in the second part of this week so donít be impatient and avoid any mental tension. There may be improvement in profession after some problem. So wait and watch and donít take any hasty decisions




You will win over your unknown fears and step forward for better profession. You must not fall in unwanted love affairs which may tarnish your name & fame. You may have to go away from your family for betterment. Decision would be difficult but will give positive result.




You may get some financial happiness. Your younger brother will also get his desire fulfilled. There may be a possibility of addition in the family. You may have good news from authorities. Avoid unnecessary involvement in others affairs.














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