These predictions are based on Moon sign as per Indian Vedic Astrology

& these are general predictions, not meant for an individual.

01/12/2014 to 07/12/2014





You will feel energized. You must not get angry on petty affairs but should remain calm. Your inner self will remain centralized towards love affair, but will not be successful. Luck will favour you for planning pilgrimage. You may get change in profession for better future.





You may think of selling your house to pay off your debts. There may be a change in daily source of income. Be careful at the time of conception or delivery. Your luck will favour you this week. You will feel dearth of income from profession.





You may think to start your work with enthusiasm but there will be delay in getting the desired results. You may win over your enemies or court cases or competition. Your spouse or in-laws may get some favours in their work. Be careful of some trouble in your married life.




You may think of getting good news about your competition or get opportunity to join some advanced course. You may get involved in some love affair. There may be some trouble at your place of work.





You may feel mentally rich with plenty of thoughts. There may be some separation in the family or hike in expenses. You may get some big vehicle or chances of getting a good house. Your rivals may trouble you but there will be a win-win situation for you at the end.††





You may not be able to decide on any subject matter. There may be duality in your thoughts. You may be worried about your marriage or married life and your daily source of income. You may hear from your co-borns for lending a helping hand to you.




You may gain in this period from a hike in your profession. There may be happiness in family and you may get a house or vehicle as per your income. There may be possibility of foreign travel. You may feel insecure for your family so give proper time to your family.





There is a strong possibility of getting some job and name fame also. You will feel secure with full energy but you will have to act to grab the opportunity. There is a possibility also for a short journey away from your family.





You may get opportunity for foreign income. There may be some increase in family or family income. You may have to change your residence for your betterment. You must take care of your health at the same time. Family life may get disturbed. Be patient.





There may be possibility of getting marriage alliance in near future with your love. You may get your desired fulfilled. There may be some problem from the government authorities or your boss. Avoid any type of arguments and stay cool.





You may get opportunity for a job in foreign county or at a distant place from your residence for your betterment and your expenses may be on the higher side. Donít start taking alcohol out of frustration if you donít get the desired results, all will be set right gradually.





You may be concerned about your education or your childís if you are married. Your luck will favour you for getting your desires fulfilled. Your co-borns may also get some favourable results. Your ego may be at high esteem making you restless, so donít take hasty decisions.




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